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Why does your business need SEO- Search Engine Optimization?

Your business is already a huge success and you are a reputable brand in your area. But, do you want to stop there with a marginal success? Or, would you like the world to know about your brand by improving the visibility and your brand awareness? If the latter is your target, your business website definitely needs Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short.

SEO of your website is synonymous to advertising and promoting your niche products on the web where the world is the arena. Daily millions of users could have questions about your product and the services you offer? How should you reach out to the audience? SEO is the answer. By deploying a set of techniques and making use of the right keywords in place, search engine optimization can deliver the best website ranking based on the robustness of the products and the techniques you use to make it to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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Why is Search Engine Optimization SEO important?

Search Engine Optimization is essential if you want your website to rank among the top 5 results in the Search engine results page (SERP) for that particular query. If you have a website or an online store, SEO will help you garner more customers to meet the business requirements than without.

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO not only improves the website ranking, but it also takes the customer experience on the website more satisfying.
  • Searchers trust the search engine rankings more than anything else. Top results on the SERP naturally translate to better-placed customer confidence.
  • If two or more companies are offering similar products, the website with the right SEO techniques is likely to do more business than the other.
  • SEO drives more traffic to your website as it helps you achieve the higher rankings on the search engine page.

How does SEO Service work?

Before we get into to see how the search engine optimization works, we need to understand how the search engine like Google ranks the pages. Google places top priority for two things – a) how relevant is the website for that particular query b) how appropriate the page is for the readers. Website ranks on the Google page are not determined by a single person or a team of members. Google’s job is to design an algorithm which takes 200+ factors into consideration while deciding the website rank. It is the outcome after the websites are fed into the algorithm that produces the page rank.

Though it is unknown to the outsiders what factors help Google while assigning a webpage rank, there are three essential processes which play a major role:

Google loves Technical SEO (Crawling and indexing): This factor checks how optimized is the website for the search engine to crawl through the pages. More than the content, it has to do with the structure and design of the website. Rather than pages buried deep under layers, the crawler prefers a website which moves horizontally. Other technical factors like page speed, cannibalization, canonicalization, and HTML markup play important roles in better placement of the website.

Google loves On-Page SEO (Content): The content, the placement of the keywords, relevancy, and more importantly the genuine tone of the content are believed to influence the Google ranking. The comprehensiveness of the content is of utmost importance, which keeps the readers from straying to competitor websites for more product information. An ideal webpage should provide well-rounded answers to all the questions the reader might have related to that product. Optimized webpage content should have the following:

  • Well-placed Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta title: Though Google has announced that these factors do not influence the website ranking back in 2009, the experts in the field continue to think that meta description, the short content which describes the product details to the searchers does make a difference in Google ranking apart from the original content.

Google loves Off-site SEO (link-building):  This is the third leg of SEO techniques for better ranking of the website. It is usually referred to as link-building. A website rank also depends on the inbound and the outbound links.

  • High-quality Backlinks: Inbound links directed towards your website from a high-quality, authoritative domain are known to improve the website ranking. The backlinks to your website from the top, trusted websites basically indicate the importance and popularity of your website.

Once again, content is the key to a good number of backlinks. If the content is of high-quality, naturally the backlinks from popular websites will follow.

Why VRS Technologies is ideal for providing SEO solutions for your website?

VRS Technologies is a pioneer in providing SEO services Dubai, who has proven track record for helping the organizations gain momentum in terms of visibility, attracting web traffic and subsequently, business conversions. We are genuine SEO service providers in Dubai as we employ innovative techniques that work towards the better placement of your website as compared to your competitors. As mentioned above, Google algorithms undergo changes constantly for unbiased website rankings. Our SEO team at VRS Technologies closely follow the Google techniques to identify the factors that genuinely influence the website ranking.

As a part of authentic SEO services Dubai, we offer:

  • Identify the right keywords – long-tail keywords and the key-phrases the searchers are most likely to use for their product searches.
  • Employ the best strategies to enhance website traffic.
  • Tweaking the link building techniques for optimum results and natural linking techniques by providing unique, authentic, well-researched content.
  • Provide comprehensive content to searchers to appease their quest for information.
  • Affordable SEO services which are authentic, time-tested, and proven for years.

Though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving field and still is a mystery to many, we make 100% genuine efforts to get the best results for your website. With an in-depth understanding of SEO which is not a static technique, but a framework of various dynamic combinations of techniques, we employ an integrated approach after keen observation and trial and errors to achieve the maximum results.

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