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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model of internet marketing is one of the most dependable means to achieve business conversions. This model is based on the principle of understanding the customer intent when he places a search query in the search box. The customer intent can be gauged by his selection of keywords or the key phrases when he searches for a product on Google. It is the responsibility of the search engine marketing team who identifies the right set of keywords relevant to your product or business. We at VRS Technologies have perfected the skill of internet marketing through PPC model, which is believed to be the best strategy to maximize the business conversions thus far. We have unbeatable expertise in delivering online marketing services through PPC model, which start from keyword research and stop at endless profits achieved through pay-per-click ads.

How does PPC model work?

PPC internet marketing is a bottomless pit as any amount of research in this area falls short when honing the skill. Once again, the appearance of your PPC ad on the search engine results pages (SERPs) is an automated process at Google, just like the website ranking. Not every ad you submit to Google makes it to the SERPs. Google, or for that matter any search engine, has its own way of picking the right ads to appear on the search engine page.

Pay Per Click

When a searcher places a keyword with the intent of purchasing a product, the search engines like Google identify their true motive with the help of the relevancy of the keywords to your business and run the ads by taking the following factors into consideration.

  1. CPC: Cost per click is the highest amount the advertiser is ready to pay to Google in case the customer clicks the ad displayed along the SERP. Since the customer is already in the buying frame of mind, the customer is most likely to make the purchase when he stumbles upon the ad relevant to his search. Let’s say the advertiser pays $2 to Google when the prospective customer clicks the ad, the advertiser is most likely to make $150 business after the customer lands on his business website, thereby making a tremendous profit.
  2. Keyword Relevance: Identifying the right set of keywords that are aligned with your business. Then, removing the negative keywords, the keywords that have the least intention of purchase, from the list to form a keyword group that has the largest potential to influence sales.
  3. Landing page: This is the page where the customer lands after he clicks the ad. This page should have the most authoritative, genuine, and relevant content and proper call to action, to meet the customer requirement.
  4. Quality score: The quality score is Google’s way of rating your ad based on the keyword relevance, landing pages, the relevance of the ad content, and the PPC campaigns. Quality score is higher for the advertisers who receive more ad clicks, and they are also the ones who get the clicks at lower costs.

Once Google measures these factors, it chooses the Google ads by implementing the Ad Auction strategy where an Ad Rank is assigned to the ads. The Ad rank is calculated by

Ad Rank = CPC x Quality Score

Quality Score = Keyword Relevance + User Experience

How can VRS Technologies help you with PPC model of Internet Marketing?

From identifying the right group of relevant keywords that are most likely to lead to conversions, to running PPC campaigns by designing impactful ads, developing impressive landing pages to ensure sales; we go by customer intuition and include all the factors that trigger sales. Our group of result-oriented professionals works hard to deliver results.

We follow the following strategies at VRS technologies to improve sales conversions:

  • Search advertising: This is where the search engine like Google runs the ad when a searcher places the query in the search engine. We make sure your ad is displayed for the most relevant keywords beating your competitor.
  • Display Advertising: This is the technique when your ad is placed in the most strategic locations for the potential customer to see, which subsequently lead to sales.
  • Remarketing & Retargeting: This is the strategy to tap the customers who have landed on your website but haven’t made the purchases. These ads typically remind the customers of your product and why it is better than your competitors.

At VRS Technologies, we amplify the chances of your sales conversions by deploying the killer combination of innovative strategies and traditional marketing techniques by taping the customer behavior and interests.

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